Garmin no longer supporting display of Custom POI files on latest update for DriveAssist 51 LMT-S


I lost the ability to show Custom POI files on my Garmin Drive Assist LMT-S after the last update. I am currently using Version 6.20 on the Garmin. I called support and they advised me the engineers had disable that feature in the last update. Is anyone else aware of this or any workarounds?

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CustomPOIs Disabled

Is Garmin resorting to the same tactics as TomTom, disabling features on their devices after a period of time ( what they call end-of-life); so as to force users to get newer devices?

My warranty is not even

My warranty is not even over. Would like to know if I'm being fed a line.

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I can still see custom POIs

I just checked. If I understand what you are saying I can still see custom POIs. Navigate "where to", scroll down and the icon for "custom POIs" is there. I hit it and there are contents. Did I misunderstand you?

I can confirm that I'm running 6.20 on my DriveSmart 51LMT-S later.

Yes, that works but I had

Yes, that works but I had been able to see all my custom POIs on the running display in the past.

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When you touch Custom POI tab,then all,you will see all the custom POI'S based on distance from your location.

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Seeing custom poi’s as you drive by them

I’ve been used to seeing them show up right on the screen as I drive via a unique icon, a unique sound and a description that shows up on the top of the screen as you go by them.

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Now I understand.I'll watch

Now I understand.I'll watch for that now. Actually I hope that you are right. I disliked seeing LARGE (way too large) icons cluttering up the map when I wasn't using them.

Displaying Custom POI Icons

I am wondering if Garman has disabled this feature on all the Garman Drive units.

I use them when navigating unfamiliar places, as to identify specific location markers, or to locate, at a glance, specific gas stations or,food outlets or any other locations in my Custom POI file.

My icons are at a sized as to be useful but not clutter up the screen.

Sometimes newer is not always better


mine are gone- I guess I need to look at the new location

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My custom POI's do show on the screen, ie RLC's and other custom icons.

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hope this is incorrect, if it is true the bean counters at Garmin are going to regret it. it removes maybe the only reason to use/buy a garmin pnd over an android/ios map program