Garmin at Costco in Fargo ND


When I was there last week I talked to the Electronics Manager and then the Store Manager as I couldn't find a single Garmin automotive GPSs in the store.

The answer I got is that that store will no longer carry Garmin auto GPSs as their sales were close to zero over the past year.

When I looked at their website, I see that it reflects the store's move to Garmin watches, a few handhelds and one fishing GPS.

Wonder how many models they will have for Automotive by year end?


Fargo is a pretty small market for Costco.

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Just checked Costco’s website

And they do not have any Garmin auto GPS’s listed. They have watches and hand-held units, but no automotive units. I’ve seen this happen at Costco before; if something doesn’t sell, they get rid of it. (Of course, that doesn’t mean that if Garmin were to come out with a brand new unit, Costco might bring them back to see if they would sell.) We’ll have to wait and see.

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Seems Costco in Canada does carry a number of Garmin GPS models

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We're sorry, no products were found.

A Google search for "garmin gps costco" came up with a number of Garmin GPS items for Costco, Canada. A mouseclick on the Costco USA website that came up in the search yielded a message that read, "We're sorry, no products were found."

Gone For A While

Costco has been without Garmin GPS for quite some time. Sam's Club had some the last time I was in one but that was some time ago. Sam's website lists some Garmins as available online and in club.