RLC Icons Missing


Recently obtained a Garmin Nuvi 2598. Put POIs, including RLC, onto it.

RLCs show on map when doing route simulation, but not in "overhead" or "bird's eye view", even when zoomed in to 200 feet or closer.

Tried turning on/off map layer of "along the way". Other icons toggle on/off, such as businesses in my POIs, but not RLCs.

Loaded the POIs initially on an SD card inserted into the nuvi. Then tried copying them directly into the nuvi. Did this by copying the POI folder from the SD card into the nuvi's root directory (and removing the SD card). Same results either way. Did not yet try using POI installer directly to the nuvi's internal memory.

On my 2460 never had this issue. RLCs appear at 200 foot zoom.

Any suggestions on getting the RLCs to appear on the 2598 overhead view?