Mac: Garmin Express - Use Android File Transfer


There was a thread here a month or two back which had a complaint that they could no longer mount the newer GPSes on their Macs and, thus, couldn't load POIs, etc.

Try using Android File Transfer for the Mac. It came right up and let me see the contents of my Garmin DriveSmart 55.

The problem is in the new 55

The problem is in the new 55 and 65's. Garmin says they are not compatible with Macs, anymore. Garmin claims it's because they can't support the single USB2-3 architecture, but they also broke USB 2 also.

There only suggestion was to borrow a Windows Computer. Some pretty piss poor programming and marketing, in my period. It's as if their programers are too dumb to program for a Mac.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267