program to filter out non usa poi in a text file or cvs file?


is there a program that can do this so the remaining file only has usa addresses?

You'd have to know Excel programming

It could be tricky. I expect that the city and state are listed, but the country probably isn't.

You could sort the State field alphabetically and then scroll down and highlight the rows that aren't US states. Then delete those rows.

In general it shouldn't be necessary. The GPS sorts POIs by distance from your current points, so it's unlikely that Canadian files would show up unless you were right at the border.


Guess you could code Excel

Guess you could code Excel to do that - personally, easier to just filter and delete the rows...

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I agree with GPSgeek that this should not be necessary for the reasons that he articulated.

Extra POI Editor will do the sort by states. Then, save the file; open it in wordpad; then, delete non USA entries; save the file.


i need the cvs or txt file to only be usa poi as sygic navagation will only allow me to import my custom poi for usa only and allot of the files i get from here and other sites include canada and they dont import in the sygic app

Easiest way is excel filter

As everyone stated, the easiest way is import into excel, sort, and filter (or delete).
My suggestion is Sort on zipcode as non-us will not have a 5 digit code and filter them out.
Goog luck

US zip codes could be up to 9 digits.

Not sure how they are in all the poi files.

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