Drive Assist 51 Flashing Garmin and white line


My Drive Assist51 when plugged in is flashing the Garmin screen off and on then shows garmin with a white line across the screen then the screen goes black then shows the garmin then garmin and white line then goes black over and over again. I have it plugged into a wall usb now but it does the same thing with the vehicle plug.
In different places each time. It was plugged in the truck power jack and probably the truck shut off without turning off the garmin first and left overnight. Before this it worked perfect.

I’ve tried resetting holding in the start button it doesn’t help. It won’t shut off.

Anyone else have this problem?

Similar problem?

A user over on the GPS Review forum is having a similar problem on a DriveSmart 50. In that case, it appears that the battery is not being properly charged, and the flat battery condition is causing the boot loop issue

If your DriveAssist is still under warranty, I would suggest calling Garmin support to see what they will do for you.

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If you conclude it is the battery, see...

Has a video on how to do the replacement and I can vouch that the Newpower99 batteries work well, although having said that I've used their product as a replacement in a Samsung tablet, not a GPS.

John from PA