Garmin Glo 2 GPS Receiver


In buying a 2019 Subaru Forester, I intended to run Android Auto on the multimedia screen and Google Maps Navigation on the phone. The first problem to overcome was that the phone kept losing the GPS fix even though it was located under the windshield. First I went to Androidpit:

It said to load an app to keep the phone GPS turned on at all times and followed all the advice in the article but this did not solve the problem. So I ordered a Garmin Glo 2 GPS receiver from The GPS Store:

The Garmin Glo 2 GPS Receiver is an aircraft device but it can be used with a phone or laptop. This is a very small accessory GPS receiver of high quality that calculates and sends a fix to the phone on Bluetooth. The Glo has no map and doesn't do routing. That is done by the phone.

The Glo receives both U.S. and GLONASS satellites. Inside the house the Garmin GPSs have never found a fix, but when the Garmin Glo was first turned on, it found a fix in 15 seconds. It could see 14 satellites and used 13 of them for a fix with an accuracy of 1.7 meters! This stellar performance was repeated in the car where the Glo operates inside a cubby hole at the front of the center console! It has a fix at all times, period! This has been running perfectly for a month, navigating everywhere we go.

The Glo needs an app like Bluetooth GPS to let the phone allow a "mock provider" to be used instead of its internal GPS:

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Safety Cameras and Custom POIs

In abandoning the Garmin DriveLuxe 50, a way to load safety cameras and Custom POIs to the phone was needed.

For red light and speed cameras, run both Radardroid Pro and Premium US Radardroid Database:

Premium US Radardroid Database contains the POI-Factory camera locations in the US and Canada updated automatically on a monthly basis from the Play Store:

The Flagpole Photographers Club has an excellent pdf that explains how to load Custom POIs to Google Maps. Google Help is just not as clear:

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Use old Android Pad & Bluetooth GPS

After reading your post, I asked why not give my old Android 8" pad a try with my old Bluetooth GPS.. Sure enough, Installed Maps.Me (uses OpenStreetMap) and Bluetooth GPS(using Mocked location).. BAM!!! I have an 8" android Navigation system. Yes you have to download your city/state/US maps to be useful offline just like any garmin unit. Now, I'm not selling/promoting a particular APP or GPS or anything. Use anything that does the same job as long as it works.. its all good!.. who knows, some of you might tinker just like I did and have another FUN TOY wink