New Mac BaseCamp and MapInstaller Coming


I've been working with Garmin on an unrelated ticket, but the discussion did reveal that Garmin is working on new 64-bit BaseCamp and MapInstall for Mac. The Garmin rep did not know when these would be released.

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Well ...

Garmin did say it would be released by end of last year, but they missed that deadline though as posted they do say they still intend to do so wink

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Thanks for the Info

Thanks for the info. I just bought a new Macbook Pro with the latest OS.


This is helpful information.

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I do see the warning once in a while that the app will not be compatible as Mac transitions to all 64 bit, so I guess Apple will soon be no longer supporting anything other than 64 bit apps. Maybe this Spring Apple will announce a new OS that will be exclusively 64 bit.

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Great news regarding the new Basecamp.

I lost support long ago for many of my critical apps that were 32 bit. The newer 64 bit supported apps are not as good but still useable. Hopefully Basecamp will be better, not worse.

Thanks for the info.