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when I launch POI Loader 273 it tells me to uninstall (same page) which I have to, when I launch it again it re-installs and I can use it only once. I have to go thru this every time.
Has anyone else experience this or have a remedy?

no need

There is no need to do the uninstall as POILoader will overwrite the existing GPI file. In fact, running the uninstall option can have consequences of deleting other needed files as the option deletes all files with a GPI extension.

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POI Loader

The only way that it works is to uninstall and re-install. Does anyone have an older POI Loader 272 for PC, I would like to try it I have reinstall POI Loader 273 many times I get the same results. Uninstall re-install.

273 works fine here on W7

273 works fine here on W7 PRO that is up-to-date on maintenance.

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Here's my guess

You've downloaded the installation package from Garmin's site, a single exe file called POILoaderforWindows_273.exe and run it, which is correct.

I think now that rather than running the installed POILoader.exe program, you are re-running the POILoaderforWindows_273.exe installation package. Is this possible?

I can see how this could occur if you download the installation package to your desktop so it appears on the screen as an icon.

Try this. Go to your Windows Start Menu and scroll down to the Gs and click the Garmin folder, then click POILoader. That should run POI Loader as often as you need it.

If that's the fix, delete the POILoaderforWindows_273.exe on your desktop and either go through the start menu to run the program or copy the POILoader from the start menu to the desktop for quicker access.

Good luck and shout back with questions or results.

poi loader

Thank you so much it worked.

Good call CraigW!

(as usual) smile

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POI loader

i'm having problems with my loader as willtrying to downloaded to the computer can't get to go . can you help

Here's a link

kooln10tion wrote:

i'm having problems with my loader as willtrying to downloaded to the computer can't get to go . can you help

Welcome to The Factory.

Here's a link to obtain POI Loader for Windows or Macs:


Once downloaded to your computer, run the downloaded program.

If you're having a specific issue, give us some details of what's happening so we can try to help.

Good luck.


Poi loader it is easy to install, no other maintenance is require ones it installed Click on Start/ Program /it should be under a folder called GARMIN. do not forget to download from this website the file called SOX downloaded copy and paste it inside the poi loader folder