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I have being using EPE for years to remove duplication from POI files as well as converting files to different formats.

Recently, the column data changed and I have attempted to correct this to my desired information but I am having no success . Previously, if a problem occurred , I was able to reinstall a download version of the EPE, but this download is no longer available.

Here are my settings:
Options: 4-Column CSV Fields

Select CSV Profile for 4-Column CVS File Save : 1-User

4-Column CSV Assignment-
Column 1 : < Longitude>
However the CSV Column Display: Column 1 shows both the longitude data and the address data.

Column 2 : < Latitude>
However the CSV Column Display: Column 2 shows both the latitude data and the POI name data.

Column 3 : < POI Name>
The CSV Column Display: Column 3 shows only the POI name data.

Column 4: Phone::
The CSV Column Display: Column 4 shows only the address data but includes “Phone” after the data.

I changed the User Profile to all the profiles listed and even press the Default Tab for each of the different profiles.

Does anybody know how eliminate the address data from Column 1, the POI data from Column 2 and “Phone” from Column 4 or a download file for a new installation.

Thank you

Try a Reset

go to this FAQ
and follow its instructions

Let us know if this works for you

what file

What file are you working with?

The standard 4 column format has LON, LAT, Name and Comment. Most use this for the address and it may or may not contain phone numbers. In order to have EPE break out a phone number you have to be converting a GPX into CSV as the input file will then have a field with a tag of Phone.

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Do a EPE Reset


Do a reset of EPE! I keep a 2nd icon on my desktop with changed properties:

"C:Program Files (x86)TurboCCCExtra_POI_EditorExtra_POI_Editor.exe" -reset

Not sure it is what you need, but fixes most EPE glitches for me.

EPE Reset

Thanks guys the reset corrected my problem when using save as M-Column CSV and 4-Column CSV files> Each column contained only one item of data.

I also discovered before the reset, that saving as a Garmin CSV file also resulted in only one piece of data in each column.


Thanks for the Tip


jgermann wrote:

go to this FAQ
and follow its instructions

Let us know if this works for you

Thanks for that reset link! I've been using EPE for years and never knew about it. It solved several problems I was having.