Extra POI Editor | Troubleshooting | Run-time errors and crashes

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After using Extra POI Editor (EPE) for a period of time it suddenly stops working correctly. You receive run-time error messages or the program unexpectedly shuts itself down.


EPE saves important information in the registry. If those values become corrupted then EPE may crash.


- Make sure that you have the latest version of EPE.

- Ensure that there are no instances of EPE currently running. Check the Windows Taskbar, right-click any instances of EPE and choose "Close". Alternatively, you could use the Windows Task Manager to end any current EPE tasks.

- Use the Windows search facility to search for "Extra POI Editor". When it appears in the list of Programs, right-click it and choose "Open file location".

- Right-click on the "Extra POI Editor" shortcut, then choose

Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

- On your desktop, find the shortcut you just created. If you already had an "Extra POI Editor" shortcut on your desktop then the new one will be called "Extra POI Editor (2)".

- Right-click that shortcut and choose "Rename". Change the name to "EPE RESET".

- After renaming the shortcut, right-click it again and choose "Properties".

- Click inside the "Target" textbox to put the insertion point in there. Hit the [End] key to take you to the end of the string, hit the [Spacebar], then type


(including the hyphen). The entire "Target" string should now look something like

"C:\Program Files\TurboCCC\Extra_POI_Editor\Extra_POI_Editor.exe" -reset

- Click "OK" to save the change, then double-click the "EPE RESET" shortcut. You should see a message saying

The TurboCCC keys have been deleted from the registry! You may restart Extra_POI_Editor normally.

- Drop the "EPE RESET" shortcut into the Recycle Bin, then launch EPE normally and see if works better.