Family Express

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What is Family Express

What is this used for?


Doc-in-the-Box? Walk in med

Doc-in-the-Box? Walk in med clinics?

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At one time the most prevalent business in Florida, were pawn shops
(all over the place) now it is walk in clinics. You can find them every other street.
Regular doctors have long waits to get a appointment, clinics, you just walk in. (for anything very important, I would still go to a regular doctor or emergency room.
For everything else clinics ar just fine.

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Family Express Convenience Stores?

I am thinking that the OP may be asking about: has nearly 70 convenience stores in Northwest and Central Indiana.

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7-11 of Medicine

They are also open 7 days a week and some till midnight.

Family Express Stores

They sell Gas, Diesel, yes it is a convenient store

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