Nuvi 660 POI files will not Delete


Hi everyone, I hope this is just a newbie error but I can't delete Custom POI's via any method. Used poi loader and it says congrats but all files still there. Loaded the delete file but all that did was add one more file to the POI's already there. Loaded from my poi folder via poi loader and now everything is duplicated. Any ideas?? BTW I have a MAC but I also have a PC Laptop so have tried on both without success.

OK saw a suggestion by MM in

OK saw a suggestion by MM in another thread to delete the poi.gpi file and that worked. Odd tho that the loader doesn't on either the pc or mac.

On a Mac

When you delete something, it goes to a trash folder the Mac OS creates on the GPSr's mass storage device as ssen by the Mac.

If using a Mac, don't delete from the unit - move the file you wish to get rid of from the unit, to the Mac, then delete - and it goes to the Mac's trash folder, not the one the Mac created on the unit.

Your GPSr does not know what to do with the trash folder, and when it boots up, it will load anything that is in there that is in the correct format and make a the poi.gpi file with it.

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Keith, Thanks, I understand


Thanks, I understand now.