Do you think they're watching...?


Just thought it might be interesting to do an informal poll.

Do you think that Garmin developers actually ever follow the posts on sites like this (most excellent) one?

Do they care?

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Yes I do think they read

Yes I do think they read these forums. I know I would if I had a business that catered to a certain crowd. Not only that but I bet they read C-net, PCmag or any other site that reviews gps's.


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Why Not

They would be fools not to review this site given that it serves as free market feedback from loyal and educated users.

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Free feedback

Randy's so right. The feedback here is valuable. The information that these companies get here they usually have to get from paid focus groups.

These posts are timely and on a variety of makes and models.

Has anyone mentioned this forum when they call for support to Garmin or other GPS company?

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Yes but.....

Talking to some of the developers of things that have forums like Flyer Talk, (I do some Consulting on various development programs for Aircraft), Marketing does regular looks at the posts. If they see something that is a pain to users or desires for new features, the most common approach is to check with the Technical staff to see how hard it would be to implement. If its a "no brainer", it gets put in the hopper for the next revision/update/model. If its a major change, they then do the "focus Group" and lots of study to see if its just us fanatics or a more common desire.

That said, the Techs also read posts and then either slip it in or beat up on Marketing to get the Program manger to authorize.


Their response - if they are watching...

My e-mail to Garmin on June 17 asked if it is possible to a) sort waypoints into categories on the GPS unit itself and b) set proximity alerts for waypoints within Mapsource.

I think this reply, which I received on 13 July, pretty much covers all our requests for functionality for the nuvi range.


There are very strict limits to the functionality of the Nüvi range.

It is aimed at relatively simple street level mapping/navigating for the dashmounted format it is designed for.

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Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.