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Wasn't sure what forum to post this in because I don't want just the Magellan owners to see it and I do not want anyone to take this the wrong way.
I posted in the Magellan forum that I was having trouble getting a certain .csv file converted and saved properly in the Magellan format. Another user commented they were having the same problem with another .csv file and opined they thought the problem was the "name" or 3rd column only contained the name with no other identifying information i.e name column only said "bigbox" instead of "bigbox #23" or "bigbox jones st "
The Magellan poi file editor apparently does choke on exact duplicates in the 3rd column of a .csv file. I found a work around by copying the contents of the latitude column into a 4th column on the .csv file and saving the .csv with that change. Then when using the Magellan poi editor you call the 3rd column "description" and new 4th column "name" While this does work it makes for a strange looking list when displayed on the Magellan unit and there is just a list of latitudes shown.
I thought I would point this out in case someone is chopping out the address or other identifying data for the large chains. I certainly don't want anyone to think I am asking for extra work to be done.


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spreadsheet workaround

I've seen this issue with other Magellan models as well. Magellan's POI software discards locations that have exactly the same name.

With some POI files, you might drop a few entries using the Longitude workaround. (Longitude is not always unique within a file.)

If you're handy with spreadsheets, you might use something like Excel to append a sequential number to the name before your import.

Eventually, I'd like to add this as an option during the download process.


I know there are several poi

I know there are several poi files in the database with just the chain name (with no further description), latitude and longitude. When these files are being made is there additional information that's being left out by the poster?
In other words if I were making a poi file of x chain wouldn't I have more than just the latitude and longitude available?