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Have had my Drive Smart 61 several times now, tells me that the interstate is closed ahead and recalucaltes to avoide. This has occured on several different interstates (57, 75, and 24). Have ignored and once I get further down the road it again recalculates and cointinues on the origional route.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Have noticed that some of the interstates sections ahead had "nightly lane closures." Possibly this got into the Garmin traffic/route avoide calculations.

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Yes, whether real or not

With traffic from the Garmin Smartphone link app (and a couple reports back in the old FM/HD traffic receivers' days), I have gotten interstate and other highway closure info.

In some cases, the warnings remained and sure enuf, I was stopped for quite a while. Out here in the West, there are oftentimes no workarounds for a detour to avoid the closure so the only effect is to warn me that I'll be parked for a while as an issue ahead is cleared.

On the other hand, I've also received either closure or 'long delay' reports several 10s of miles ahead, yet when I reach the area, there are no closures, delays, or any indication that something had occurred at all.

Even with the false reports at times, I prefer to get these alerts.


Yep. When you live where there is no alternate route the warning is there to let you know to stop off for a 6 pack of beer for the long wait up ahead. smile

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Google Maps Help

When I get these alerts that show substantial delay time, I open Google Maps and see how backed up the traffic is. This also helps when I am 30 or more minutes away. I have time to recheck to see if the traffic is flowing better. I also start looking for alternate routes and have a better idea to follow the GPS detour or not.