Removal of Maps from Basecamp


I am trying to remove irrelevant maps from Basecamp.

1. I removed all the Computer Maps files using "Program and Features -uninstall command".
2. I removed all the maps from the SD Card in the nuvi 2689.
3. I removed the SD Card
4. I connected the nuvi 2689 to the computer and opened Basecamp.
5. From the menu item "Device Received from device" -nuvi 2689.
6. The files where transferred but all the deleted SD Card maps are still in Basecamp.

Some maps do not have an uninstall file.

I wonder do I have to uninstall and reinstall Basecamp. This would require saving all my Basecamp -My Collection Folders.

Is there anyway to delete the maps?

I click maps and use show

I click maps and use show files, then delete the files.

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Well ...

Are you saying you have maps on your PC that can't be deleted by Windows Uninstall programs? If so what maps are they and how did you install them?

You should find JaVaWas GMTK program will delete them for you

Note uninstalling and reinstalling BaseCamp won't delete any of your data or maps.

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I wouldn't do it ...

Personally, I never remove maps from BaseCamp. They don't take up that much space and I use them for comparison when roads are rerouted or new construction takes place.


it's the dog's fault

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Not me.

I couldn't afford the space to "never remove maps from Basecamp".
The last map alone takes over 3.3 GB of disk space.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

Removal of Maps from Basecamp

Its seems with much more investigation that the map I was trying to remove from BaseCamp was not the same map (*img) I had loaded on my GPS (similar names but from different sources).

One last question: Can the maps on my GPS be copied into BaseCamp.

Well ...

They can but only really as a backup since BC can't read them unless they are on a removable drive, so a memory stick or sd card or a virtual drive.

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maps in basecamp

Basecamp can use 2 "types" of maps:

1. installed on computer during maps update
2. installed on connected device

Try to run Basecamp without GPS connected and check, if "removed" maps are showing. Then connect GPS and see what changes in maps listing. Then you will know source of additional maps.

In my Basecamp maps that were uninstalled with "Program and Features/uninstall" are removed form Maps menu in Basecamp. Only currently installed maps are showing.