IOS 12 is now available


As the title says, Apple has released iOS 12.

It installed on my 9.7 inch iPad Pro without problems, and seems to be working well.

- Tom -

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Got it!

On my iPhone 6.

Haven't noticed any problems.

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Glad to hear 6 is ok...

Glad to hear 6 is ok... It's downloading on my 6 now...
Wife's 8+ and iPad later.....
Prior to download.... I checked battery Beta... 92%...
Will post afterward.....
Still reports 92% but no more Beta..
Some actions involved a 'what's new' screen, but all seems to work....
iPad is next... and done. Waiting on 8+

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Apple Play

Note that Google Maps now works with Apple Play on iOS12

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CarPlay functionality for Google maps

Is definitely huge. Been waiting for this for awhile...

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Where's Waze

Waze was supposed to work with iOS 12 CarPlay too but I think it's been delayed until October or so. That will be cool too!


Try the satellite map with Google Maps. It's awesome.

Waze Updated

Waze was updated on 9/24 with CarPlay enabled. Haven't tried it yet to see how it looks. Still liking the satellite view with Google Maps.