Waze "Jumping & Spinning" while CoPilot Does Not


Hello All,

It's been quite a while since I've been active on POI Factory but I'm back again with a problem. Although I still use Garmin devices I have grown to love Waze, particularly for urban driving, as it seems to be really good at helping you to avoid traffic jams, accidents, and the local constabulary.

I am having the oddest behavior using Waze on a Dougee Y6 Max. This device is well known for not having the greatest GPS in the world, but when I check what's going on using the GPS Status & Toolbox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipsim.g...) app I definitely have a fix on multiple satellites. I have gone through the process documented on the MobiWIA FAQ page for "If you have a non-locking GPS," (http://mobiwia.com/gpsstatus/faq/) and that did improve the speed of getting a fix, and the number of satellites involved, but Waze is still acting very strangely.

I will be driving along and then, while I'm following the road, the icon that represents my car begins gliding across "non-road space," usually right beside where I am when it starts but that rapidly descends into way more erratic behavior where the car will remain stopped dead and then jump, usually not to where I actually am, or the map will shift all at once.

When I am stopped, and even if Waze figures out where I am, very often the map will begin spinning round, not in a continuous spin, but where the street that's behind me will suddenly shift to ahead of me, or sometimes to the right or left of where the icon is shown. It's not always perfectly 90 degrees or 180 degrees off, either. It seems to pick a random heading and go with it.

I am not seeing the same behavior when I am using ALK's CoPilot GPS on this same device, nor am I seeing this behavior if I run another device (a Samsung Galaxy S7) side-by-side with the Y6 Max. I have not tried Google Maps, but can if that would help anyone with the diagnosis.

I would suspect something was off with the GPS had I not already checked status with GPS Status & Toolbox, recalibrated the compass, done the steps to clear the A-GPS data and let the device reload it and do a fresh "sky scan," and not seen the same behavior exhibit itself under CoPilot.

I love Waze, but the display size on the S7 is just too small to be practical for routine use in the car. If anyone has any ideas of what might be wrong, and/or what I might try to get Waze behaving on this device, I'd love to hear them.


You will need to test some

You will need to test some more as your representative sample isn't large enough to indicate anything. You've already said what happens when Waze and Copilot are active. You might as well test Google Maps and Here (after downloading a map to it) and see what happens.

On an initial examination of the specs of the device, it appears your Chinaphone doesn't have assisted GPS, which would explain why it drifts in Waze. As to why it doesn't drift in Copilot, Copilot may be compensating for the drift. We'll know more after you run more tests.

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Perhaps ...

Perhaps Waze does not have as good of a "snap to road" algorithm as the other apps. The "snap to road" feature used on most road navigation devices helps correct the drift errors that Strephon explained. I don't use Waze or any of these apps, so that is only a guess on my part.

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Waze is only as good as the

Waze is only as good as the data being fed to it. I use Waze all the time along with my Garmin. I've never seen Waze wander along any path. Even when on a unmapped road, the cursor stays put and doesn't wander looking for a road.

I would suspect the the GPS data being fed to Waze is faulty or inadequate. After all, Waze is Google.

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@phranc: It isn't about the

@phranc: It isn't about the data being fed to Waze that is the issue. However, it's going to be difficult to pin this one down using our devices as examples. On your device, the OP's Galaxy S7 and my Pixel 2 XL Waze would function correctly, which is a direct consequence of having a decent GPS chip inside. The OP's device is an inexpensive model imported from China, and the brand is well known for taking shortcuts to keep the cost down. Thus I believe the device itself is the culprit, even though Copilot isn't showing signs of drifting.

To be honest, there are enough devices available with 6" or larger screens that the OP could have avoided the device he has. The Nexus 6 would have been a good choice as its prices are in line with what he has, has a better screen, faster processor, and is still getting updates to Android 8.1 in the form of custom ROMs. My roommate can attest to the Nexus 6: she prefers to use mine over her Moto X Style, a newer device.

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Stephon, I agree, I was just

Stephon, I agree, I was just trying to be nice. smile

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