Panera Bread POI File


The coordinates for the Panera locations near me are off. Does this data come from Panera?

Contact author.

The Panera POI file is maintained by POI Factory member mahoney. He typically gets his information from company sites and from POI Factory members like you. Often, the coordinates are calculated from the street address using a geocoding utility like GPS VIsualizer, and this does not always produce accurate coordinates. The best way to correct the error is to contact mahoney via the POI Factory contact form and give him the correct coordinates for the locations you find in error.

Click on the search button, then the Users tab, type in mahoney. Click on his name, then the Contact tab. Mahoney is very good about making corrections reported by users in the many POI files he maintains. That is one of the reasons we appreciate him so much.

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Panera Bread POI.

You can either send me the correct coordinates or send me the location that needs to be corrected. I can use google earth to determine the coordinates.


Thanks for the work on this. I recently found out Panera is a good place to eat lunch and work while using their WiFi.

Wrong coord .

Note to 2tX6Q49K27,

I am still waiting to hear from you regarding this Panera location. It has been over 1 month since you posted.