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Hi. As I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm currently working on a POI file for Planet Fitness gyms all across the USA. I work out here, and have a black card membership which allows me to go to any location, and I know how it feels when you can't just have a location right there on your GPS. While I was on vacation in Florida, I wanted to work out at PF. My out-of-date GPS could only find one; but when I looked it up on my featurephone (which didn't have GPS readily available), it turned out that there was in fact one closer to where I was. That's why I've decided to start this project.

Do remember that this is my first POI, so there may be some problems. Upon the release of the file, if you do have any problems, please let me know here on this thread.

PF also is a rapidly expanding chain, and I don't know if I can check for new locations all the time. If you do have info on new, closed, or relocated gyms, or just new hours for a gym, then post them here too.

I will post updates as I keep working on this. Currently I'm almost done with Connecticut's locations, soon moving onto Delaware.


I'm sorry for my relative silence on this project. I have not forgotten about it, but to be truthful, I have not worked on it in quite a while; many other things took up my time. I will continue working on this, and will keep you updated on progress.

I have just finished all

I have just finished all locations for Florida, up next is Georgia. 151 locations done. (I'm doing all the states alphabetically including Puerto Rico, btw)


Okay, well it's been 3 months and I really didn't take advantage of my free time to work on this. I want to let everyone know now though that I recently decided to get more serious about this project, and will be working on it much more often. Currently I am on Iowa, with 235 locations done. I now have roughly a fourth of the 834 gyms done, and am making some more progress now.


I did some more today. I have now finished Louisiana and Maine and am up to 273 locations. Currently working on Maryland.


I finished Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan with 381 locations done. I'm almost halfway there... working on Minnesota now.

Planet Fit

Still working on this?? Thanks so much for your work!


If no one is working on it,

If no one is working on it, I'd like to create it.


Keep up the great work you guys.

Planet Fitness POI

I also go to this place.... real nice, nobody makes comments and looks at fat people like me trying to get back in shape.

GOOGLE EARTH can come up with all the addresses, and a reasonably close GPS location, this cuts down ALOT on typing.

I usually start with these locations, and find the entrance to the parking lot from the satellite pictures. The only problem is... the satellite pictures are at least a year old, so newer businesses don't show up.

How is it going.

Is this project still being worked on, if you no longer have time perhaps you can offer up what you have done to someone else willing to complete?

Karen is the only female I ask directions from. (Garmin Nuvi 2595)

Doesn't look like there is any progress in 4years.

I think you could contact Miss POI and possibly get the go ahead if you are still interested.

Karen is the only female I ask directions from. (Garmin Nuvi 2595)