Garmin & BRP Partnership


I have owned both Garmin GPSs and Bombardier/Can Am ATVs for years, but I have never mounted a GPS on my ATV. I was at a Can Am dealer yesterday and a salesman showed me the Garmin Montana 680T GPS.

He also did mention that the Ski Doo snowmobile folks have the Garmin Zumo 590 GPS.


On my Polaris 850 I use a Montana 680 in Garmins heavy duty mount which has power and audio leads to power the mount. I also use a GPSMAP 64st on another ATV.

I use them to record where I have been ( bread crumb if you will ) and when trail maps are available I will add them to the GPS for trail guidance in new territories.

The 680 offers a larger screen and is a touchscreen where the 64st is button operated and has a smaller screen...

Wouldn't ride without one now.


(formerly known as condump) RV 770 LMT-S, Nuvi2797LMT, Nuvi765T

Bicycle Use

Due to their water & dust proof cases, The Montana, Zumo and Oregon series GPSr's lend themselves well for use on a variety of recreational vehicles.

I've been using the Montana 650 and Oregon 650 on my bicycles for many years. I use the RAM articulating handlebar mounting system to allow optimum positioning.

I prefer to use both GPSr's at the same time. This permits me to have the whole screen on one unit dedicated to map use while displaying speed, time, distance etc. on the other. This eliminates the need to frequently change screens.

Garmin and BRP

I own a 2006 Seadoo GTX Limited (BRP) and it came with a Garmin GPSMAP 76 (Hand Held Unit) mounted in the molded storage compartment at the helm.

I believe for several after that there were Garmin units mounted on the skis.

Unfortunately, the more recent model do not have that feature.