3597 volume is too low


I just rcvd my 3597 refurb but I can hardly hear it indoors. My old 1490 is VERY loud in comparison. Is this normal? Is there anything that can be done?


The vehicle mount has a speaker. Have you listened with the 3597 mounted in your vehicle?



Not having a 3597, I can only suggest you can check the volume setting and increase it when using indoors and not mounting it on the power cradle.

The manual indicates on Page 2 there is also a setting there for "Automatic Volume", that can be unchecked to see if that makes a difference. The manual is not clear if this setting is only used when it's in the vehicle.
Get the manual here if you don't already have it:


Perhaps somebody can try to see if the volume level is on their 3597 is acceptable when using in the home.

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Thanks-here is more info -

Thanks-here is more info - which I should have started out with - sorry

The volume of the 1490 @50% is about = to the 3597 @100%
both in house

auto volume is off
individual volumes for nav etc are 100%
I know the speaker is small but the 1490 has some bass, the 3597 seems not to.
The unit speaker is about the same as the mount speaker.


My 3597 is mounted in an alcove at the front of the center console. Auto volume is off. Master volume is 100%. Mixer/Navigation volume is 70%.

There is no problem hearing it, but I have a quiet car.

Make sure the mount speaker is really operating.

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the volume of the 3597 mount

the volume of the 3597 mount speaker is way louder than the unit by itself. Several times, I've started the vehicle and the volume while in the mount is low. I've had to remove the unit from the dock, put it to sleep, then remount it and the volume will return. Auto Volume is set, and the volume is set to about 60%.

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3597 Volume

I have a couple 35497 units but have not used them yet.

I am currently using a 3590 and am not happy with the volume level when using it to connect with my phone.

But the directions are loud and clear.

You have to be sure that the volume level is all the way up in the volume "Mixer".

Through the radio

One of the things I love about my old 760 is that it has audio out. As it also has the ability to play .mp3 and .aud files I can listen to a book or a play list through the car stereo and when it's time for a navigation instruction the unit pauses the book or music, plays the nav instruction through the radio, and the picks up the book or music a second or so prior to where it was interrupted so there is no discontinuity.

I have never understood why the new units can't be routed through the car stereo. I have a really hard time hearing them otherwise and listening to music and such causes me to miss the directions.

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The answer is, the device

The answer is, the device auto volume function increases the volume at higher speed. When the unit is connected via the mount AND the traffic cable, the volume is MUCH louder. If you connect it via the mount and a different USB cable the volume is much lower.

Good to know. Thanks

Good to know. Thanks

3597 volume.

I no longer use the GTM60 power supply with my 3597 because I use Smartphone Link. I use a cheap USB power adapter with a standard mini USB cable plugged into the 3597 mount. I get the same full volume through the speaker in the magnetic mount that I do with the GTM60. The only time I get reduced volume is if I operate the 3597 without the the magnetic mount.

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