Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S Warranty Repair Request--Opinions Please


Since getting my Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S, the wifi hasn't worked for updating the software. I have been able to update via USB cable. Part of me is considering sending it in for warranty repair and another part of me thinks that is too petty of an issue to send in for service.

What do you folks think? Just keep using it as it is or should I send it in and get it fixed?


I personally don't see much advantage to WiFi updates, since you need to plug the device into a power source anyway to keep the battery topped off. I suppose it would be a valuable feature if you only have a mobile device and no access to a computer.

That said, if I purchased a DriveLuxe 51, I would want all of its features to work, so if I were you, I would return it for a warranty replacement.

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Repair or Replace?

I've no experience with Garmin warranty repairs, but will they actually repair and return one's specific unit or just send a refurbished replacement unit back?

Mostly, your unit goes on

Mostly, your unit goes on the pile and they send you a newly refurbed unit in a white Garmin Box.

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Your unit will go for a diagnostic check.. and if the fault you mentioned is not found.. someone else will get it as a refurbished unit. Similarly.. you will get someone's faulty return that went through the same process.

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Garmin will just send you a refurbished one in a bulk packaging when you send yours in.
You can also do an advanced exchange where Garmin holds the $ for the cost of the GPS on your credit card and release the charge once they receive it.