Side by side comparison of Garmin Cyclops and POI Factory Camera apps


I recently had an opportunity to run a real world, side by side test of Garmin Cyclops and POI Factory red light and speed camera performance during a 500+ mile trip.

I just purchased a Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S to replace my retiring Garmin 3597 LMT. The DriveLuxe came loaded with the latest (I checked) version of the Cyclops software, and the 3597 had the latest POI Factory update.

During my trip, the difference was clear, more than a dozen times, the POI Factory correctly alerted, while the Cyclops system remained silent. At one intersection, I could clearly see the red light cameras, and even saw them flash as they bagged another victim; yet the Cyclops system remained silent. The POI Factory meanwhile was screaming bloody murder. Another time on an interstate, the Cyclops totally missed a speed camera, while the POI Factory caught it.

Needless to say, I have shut off the Cyclops system on the DriveLuxe unit, and have installed the POI Factory instead. About the only positive I can give the Cyclops system is that their on screen icons are a bit slicker than those I have found on POI Factory, but slick icons don't make up for needless tickets.


Great report. Thanks.