Garmin Monterra Android Version


I am trying to find out more about what version of Android the Garmin Monterra uses. Also, does anybody happen to know if Garmin is good about updating to newer versions of Android as they become available.


As I recall, the Monterra came out late in the year in 2013. The last software release for it was Aug. 2015. That probably puts it at KitKat or Lollipop. The Monterra is now discontinued, so it is doubtful that whatever Android version it has can be updated. My bet is that it is some flavor of KitKat, but I really don't know.

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Garmin Monterra Android Version 4.04

I had a chat with Garmin and found out:


What version of Android is used on the Monterra?


I will be glad to assist you with that. Please allow me a moment to look to research that. Thank you.






Thank you!


You're welcome and thanks for choosing Garmin. Have a great day!


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