Nuvi 660 backup


What would be the proper procedure for backing up a Nuvi 660 to my PC. Should I just copy all the directories and files to my PC? If at some time I needed to restore my 660 would the procedure be nothing more than copying the directories back to the 660?

Barry - Nuvi 660 and 2 Nuvi 765's


Yes. Although you can't be 100 percent certain that the restoration would work if something bizarre got corrupted.

But I have mine copied to my PC. In fact, I back it up each time before I do a firmware update.

Plus if there are extras voices and such that you don't currently need. You can delete them from the unit once you copy them to your PC.

Make sure to include hidden files

And if you want to read a thorough discussion on back-ups, and how to do them, click:

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