Campgrounds by state?


I'm new here. I down loaded the campground list, but there doesn't seem to be any way to sort by state. It's a comma delimited file, but I don't know how to load it differently so I can sort by state.

Sorry if this has been discussed to death. . .




Not sure what type of GPS you have but at least for the Garmin units POI's will be listed from the one nearest your present location to the one farthest away.

I suspect there are ways you could go to the work of splitting a large full country file into smaller files by state but the individual points will always be listed nearest to farthest.

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And a full file of all states is

a miniscule size when on the GPS.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

CG by state

If you are looking for CG say north AL go into simulator mode, set your location in Huntsville or close to where you want to find a specific CG from there you can see the campgrounds from closest to furthest.

I don't think you can sort PI's.


Hm. . .

I was hoping to use the POIs to plan a road trip. What you described makes it sound like that won't work. There should be some way with a comma delimited file to make a worksheet that could be sorted in various ways.

But thank you for the information.



Sorting on states

Maybe these will help you plan your trip. Look at the Good Sam Campground file and also the Passport America file. These can be sorted on state.

Sallye-Campgrounds By State

Most of your fellow contributors have given you pretty good information on using your GPS to find locations beginning at a specific point and radiating outward from that point. I am not sure which campground file you downloaded; however, I downloaded Campgrounds and RV Parks Combined (CSV), loaded the file into Excel and set things up so that using Excel one is able to sort the information by state or province. From there one can additionally expand the sort to levels in order of Latitude or Longitude.
This sorted file will in no way change the way your GPS works the file, but using your knowledge, it could help you by using coordinates and a map to determine locations along your way.
Another useful tool, if you have Street Atlas USA (I have 2015), is to load the CSV file into it, make it active, then it will display on the map all of the campground locations. That way you can see exactly where each campground is located along your proposed route.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Most current Garmin GPS

Most current Garmin GPS units provide much better search functions than a state filter.

My 760 Dizel provides the following search functions:
Current Location
Along Active Route
Different City
Recent Destination

In trip planning the ones I find most useful are Along Active Route and Destination.

I use "Along Active Route" to get there and then "Destination" to find the best campsite for an extended stay.

With those functions and "Custom Avoidances", the route can be shaped almost any way you desire, and you can find the best campground at your destination.

Just think about it a little. Limiting your search to a state would not be very helpful if your route was on I-26 in North Carolina, showing campgrounds on US 17 (400 miles away) is unlikely to produce the results you desire.

Good Luck!



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Again - welcome.


sallye wrote:

I was hoping to use the POIs to plan a road trip. What you described makes it sound like that won't work. There should be some way with a comma delimited file to make a worksheet that could be sorted in various ways.


Assuming that you have not yet gotten (or been able to implement) info that will let you plan your trip, maybe you could give us more info on what you goals are.

BUT REGARDLESS - I think you ought to look at Extra POI Editor (EPE) because it should may allow you to do some of what you have indicated you want.

Downloading and Installing EPE

Configuring EPE

Once you get EPE downloaded, installed and configured, then you can have EPE open the Campgrounds file and ask it to show all the entries on a map (and it will take a while so be patient).

Then you can look at the map in areas of interest to you.