garmin nuvi 660


Why do you think it's the

Why do you think it's the greatest gps ever?

660, v3.80


My wife got me a Nuvi 660 for xmas last year, the last thing I would expect under the tree. Without a doubt, the best gift I have ever recieved.

The Nuvi 660’s seamless blend of state of the art technology just makes me smile every time I get in the car. The ease of use and flexibility are truly a dream come true – and that’s from a Civil Engineer who uses GPS for surveying proposes. The LCD screen is bright and crystal clear, even in full daylight (as long as you are not facing the sun). I even use it to set my watch and clock in the car! It even swithes to a black background automatically at sundown. I just can't say enough about how pleased I am!

A week or so ago, my wife and I went over Donner summit in the Sierra Nevada mountains. At the rest stop at the summit we stopped next to the elevation sign (7239 ft) and compared the Nuvi 660 to the sign - ±5 feet! Not bad for a street navigator versus a geodetic survey. (I'm a private pilot and can tell you from experience that this little honey could guide you to an absolute zero visibility IFR landing!)

We have used the Nuvi to find restaurants, glass repair shops, movies, and countless other desinations in search function - and been given flawless directions to every entry we have selected.

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the device and the software driving it.

If you’re considering the purchase of a GPS navigator, look no further than the Nuvi 660 – absolutely incredible!

We’re going east this next week and I’m going to give the Nuvi a work out on the plane and on the ground along the eastern seaboard. I'll post on the trip when we return.

Bill Rowan

When you're on the plane

If anybody asks, your 660 is an MP3 and Audio book player. smile

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