Uplading to Custom POI folder, NOT standard POI folder


Hi - I wonder if anybody can please help? I use a Garmin Nuvi 300, and have just bought an LPG converted Range Rover. I have found a .csv list of UK LPG stations suitable for my Garmin unit, as it would be exteremely useful to knwo where the closest LPG fuel station is at anytime! So, I used the Garmin POI uploader to put the file onto the unit, and ensured it went to the correct 'drive' (not the SD card). The trouble is, that although there is a folder accessable from the unit called 'Custom POI', which ideally is where my list of 1500 LPG stations needs to go, nowhere can I find how to upload to this folder. I assume that the list is just going into the 'Fuel' category and is mixing with the other Petrol Stations. No good when I need something specific like an LPG station! Does anybody out there have any ideas? Perhaps I'm doing sothing wrong? I've tried using WinXP to 'explore' teh folders on the unit, but again there is no 'Custom POI' folder when veiwed on the PC, it only appears under 'My Locations'. Help please!

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What you've done sounds correct - when you used POI Loader, did it give you a congratulatory message, saying how many Points-of-interest it had uploaded?

The file it creates, is POI.GPI, which ends up in the \Garmin\Poi directory on the Nüvi - you should recognise the time stamp on the file as matching your upload time.

Any POI's uploaded via POI Loader, show up under Custom POI's - the other categories are what have been obtained from POI's embedded in the map(s).

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Thanks for the reply - I

Thanks for the reply - I found where I was going wrong. It seems that the very act of uploading POI files actually creates the Custom POI file. Using POI Uploader, I deleted what I had uploaded before, and then found another LPG CSV list (the previous one seemed to be corrupt, in that it was giving me locations of the coast of Somalia, which is a bit odd!). When I deleted the file and checked the menu, the custom poi folder had gone. Uploaded the new file, and the Custom POI folder was back, with the LPG stations etc. So sorted! Thanks Again:-)