re-downloading red light camera file


I was wondering how to re-download the red light cam file that I paid for about 3 weeks ago? When I go to the download page for it, it apparently wants me to pay the $5.00 again. I don't have the email that was originally sent (i think it had a link in it)...



You can download it up to 3 times for 30 days after you have paid. You would need to use the link that you were sent in the email. If you don't have it, you would need to contact Miss POI or JM and see what assistance can be provided. But in the future, you probably will want to keep that email.

Contributing is Another Way

Let me also step in by saying that sharing your knowledge of things you have discovered with or about your GPS is another way to be able to download the red-light cameras. There are lots of people who regularly need help and anything that you can contribute is one step closer to being rewarded with red-light cam access.


Garmin Nuvi 2699 with 2017.30 Maps

Jon was able to send this

Jon was able to send verrykerry a link to their original transaction.

Miss Poi

Saves the day!

And the calvary (uh...Ms POI) saves the day again.

Garmin Nuvi 2699 with 2017.30 Maps

Appreciate it... Thanks

Had a little PC Crash and lost the email...

Thanks again,