can not reset 1450


1450 acts like it has a USB connection over and over will come up on loading maps once in a while then go back into system mode.

I wanted to do a hard reset but it just will not go into reset mode no mater how long I hold my thumb in the corner (any corner) on power up.

Any ideas how to force a hard reset?


USB Cable?

Are you powering the unit with an A/C adapter? If so, it could be the USB cable. Try using the factory vehicle power cable or boot the unit via battery power. Then try a master reset.


My guess first off is that if a nuvi is trying to go into data mode thinking it's connected to a computer, that maybe a hard reset can't be done. This is a wild guess since I haven't heard of a problem like this ever coming up here before.

How is the 1450 powered during these failures? If being powered by the automotive cigarette lighter power cord, I suspect the power plug or cord. If being powered by a USB socket from a computer or elsewhere, then to a USB cord to the nuvi, I suspect the power source or cable. In any of the above, I'd try a different cable if you have one or a different power source.

If powered by the 1450's internal battery with no cable connected, I'd worry about the nuvi's socket where the external power would come in due to a short or open circuit on one or more pins, or something loose or defective inside the nuvi itself.

The 1450 doesn't use a powered mount, does it? I think not but if a powered mount, try disconnecting the mount from the nuvi.

Others with more electronic hardware experience should offer more help, especially when you answer the above questions about how the unit's being powered during these failures. But given that the device randomly can start up in either data mode or power mode suggests to me a loose wire or other intermittent hardware issue. There are threads here discussing USB cables and pin assignments that can switch modes of Garmin devices and these threads may help find the source of the problem. While waiting for help, you could try very gently wiggling each end of the cable at the socket (nuvi and power source ends) and see if either side forces the nuvi into the other mode.

charge the battery

Start by charging the battery. If the battery is depleted and the power supply is weak or intermittent, the nuvi may be trying to boot up, but as the processor starts, the voltage sags, so the boot will not complete.

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weak battery

I have tried it with and without the external power and same problem for hard reset.

Also the unit can be difficult to turn off if unplugged from power it will turn off then immediately turns back on and goes back into system mode IF on external power.

When unplugged from power it says "power disconnected" but it will not turn off with touch screen but will turn off with the power button if held long enough.

I do have a weak battery however, it will go into map mode but will not hard reset. Battery is only good for 3 to 5 min.

I wonder if somehow hard reset may have moved somewhere else on the screen? I'm not sure how to re-calibrate the screen just had that thought. Holding top left will put it into satellite mode.

Could be cable but don't know how that would prevent hard reset.
Map is 2018.10


dry, calloused fingers?

Try licking your finger tip, and then try a reset. It's a capacitive screen.

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Holding thumb on upper left when map is showing unit goes into satellite mode as normal.

Holding thumb on upper left when power turn on locks the screen at GARMAN until removing thumb from screen should go into calibrate.

Screen reacts to touch normally tools bottom right works just fine and that is where hard reset is located.


How much?

Given the stated condition of the battery, the question is how much are you willing to put into this vs. getting a new GPS? If it's worth a $18 experiment, BatteryShip offers a replacement battery with tools for just under $18. A 3-5 minute battery duration may be the cause of the problem especially if the GPS has worked well until recently.

Whatever you do, do not do a firmware update (not that one is likely for a old 1450) and be very wary of even trying a map update with the current battery.

New battery.

I agree with CraigW and suspect a new battery will solve your problems. But as said, it is a risk as there could be some other type of failure causing the problem. So you need to decide if you are willing to risk $10 to $20 to find out (as little as $8.50 on eBay without toolkit).

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I charged the battery overnight but it only showed 1/4 charge this morning so I think the battery as you folks guessed is the correct diagnosis.

I had taken the 1450 out to charge and update when 2018.10 came out and updated with no problems put it back on the shelf and went to charge it again yesterday (usually once per month) when it went belly up.

I have a 3597 so this was my back-up not worth replacing the battery at this time.

Thanks to all that responded I appreciate the help.