Casinos_Canada POI File Discussion


Just updated the Casinos_Canada POI file.

I used 2 sites that "Rate" casinos to compile an up-to-date file. (Although, those sites need updating)

I also used the casinos' web pages to find any "sister" casinos.

Any corrections, updates or additions - please post here or email me.

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Thank you looks good!
Lots of more options for my wife to spend our money now!

Update 28 Jan 2019

Just updated the Casinos Canada POI file.

Gained 16 locations. Had some deletions, name changes and additions. Even found a casino in Yukon Territory.

I have noted that there are a lot of slot machines in Canada that do NOT use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the output. Instead they are "Class II" machines that use either previous Bingo games or previous horse race results to determine the outcome. It seems that Ontario uses previous Lotto numbers to determine the outcome. The Class II machines have limited outcome results, whereas machines using the RNG have millions of possible results and are supposedly much more fair.

One thing that I saw a few places on the web was to definitely NOT play Class II "Video Poker". There are millions of hands that could be dealt using RNG but only thousands using Bingo or horse race outcomes.

There are states/locations in the U.S. that use Class II machines as well.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA

Correction to Shorelines Peterborough ON

Corrected L/L & address for Shorelines Peterborough ON.

Thanks Ken.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA