Changes to settings when upgrading to 2017.30


Ok all you Garmin experts. I have done a lot of map updates, and I have never had the update change my system settings. When I upgraded to this map right before a trip to North Georgia and Tennessee, I wished that I had not have done the upgrade. It changed all my settings, voice and preferences. I am a little hard of hearing so I use the Jack voice to better hear the voice guidance, and I wound up with Jill. I have always used best route settings, and it changed it to fastest route, which had me going down pigtrails, I would not even call some of these roads roads. I am glad that I was in my 4X4 on these roads. While I have got the preferences set back, it still trys to send me down back roads rather than using the best routes. Why can't they just upgrade the map, and leave the other system settings alone? At this point I am considering reverting to the old map, I am just not sure that it will return me to my preinstall state.

Leave it on Fastest route.

Leave it on Fastest route. Then make sure you don't have Avoid Hiways set. Fatest route should take you on Interstates and hi ways. Shortest route will take you on dirt roads, etc

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Well ......

... I've never had settings changed after a map update, are you sure there wasn't a software update done at the same time? That occasionally can change settings.

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This used to be a major complaint years ago. It happened to me a couple of times.

It hasn't happened to me in a very long time though.

I updated the map to 2017.3 and noticed no changes.

What model Garmin do you have?

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What is that?

newjade wrote:

I have always used best route settings, and it changed it to fastest route, which had me going down pigtrails

I don't recognize what you mean by "best route" settings. The three options for overall type of route prioritization I've seen on various Garmins are: fastest, shortest, and best fuel economy. Many of units don't offer the fuel economy option.

Of course, as others have mentioned, there are some other options you can specify which can tweak these preferences, such as avoiding toll roads, avoiding unpaved roads, U-Turns, and some other things. I'd think you'd be well advised to look through all your navigation-related preferences, and think about how you want them. If in doubt what one does, devise an experiment.

Lastly, I think it would be a bad idea for you to revert to the old map. There is zero chance, in my opinion, that action would put you back to your previous routing behavior. It would just get you a less up-to-date map with your current routing behavior.

The one that most frequently gets me in trouble is the paved roads avoidance option. I have to turn it off when I travel to a rocket launching site, and if I forget to put it back, I'm advised to take a road I don't like on the way to a choral rehearsal site.

Good luck.

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No Problem for Me

I had no problem with settings being reset after updating my map to 2017.30.


I have/had a nuvi 55LMT which this map made the unit useless. The unit was only five months old. After going around and around with Garmin, shipping the unit back they sent another refurbished. They told me to update it and register it with same results. After seven months of going back and forth they said the map or the software updated made a hardware change which they could not correct. Garmin finally made good and sent a brand new nuvi 57LMT at no charge. I just got it yesterday and updated it and it seems to be working.
So yes it does happen.

Have not encountered that.

Have not encountered that. But have noticed with an active route, and while waiting to make a left turn at a red light, the GPS will turn the vehicle icon 90 degrees to the left, as if you have already made the left turn - frustrating!

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permanent chage?

Looks like some glitch during install. Is this change made permanent or after you changed back to your preferred settings they are kept by device? If you can revert to your own settings there is no point to install old map. Especially that it will not restore your old settings as maps update has no effect on them.

So unless there are some serious mistakes on new map it will be best to redo all settings to your liking and leaving new map.


I did not notice any changes after updating to 2017.30. Checked everything out before going on the 1st trip.


No Issues for Me Either

I also had no problem with settings being reset after updating my map to 2017.30.


fastest route...

I'd definitely leave it to default at it tends to be the best preset by the manufacturer.

No problems

Never had any problems when updating a map... could you have accidently changed the routing? Not an expert but don't see a map update changing your settings...

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Changes To Settings When Upgrading To 2017.30

Very Interesting. To date have never had this issue.


No changes for me after the upday but hes happened on a software update.


This has happened to me before but not with the latest map update. It is quite frustrating to have go switch all the changes that were made.

Well ...

... it'll only happen if there has been a software update at the same time as the map update, and even then it's very rare in my experience.

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Excellent point

Excellent point.

It happened to me too. The new Garmin map update process insists on updating the system software first. Updating system-software to a newer version always happens flawlessly without changing the settings.

Issues arise only if I had accidentally left a copy of older gupadte.gcd file on the GPSR. The GPSRs would then update to the new firmware. However, upon reboot, it would ask to revert back to the older software. If I let it go back to the older software, it will then reset the settings to system default.