Garmin Viago And New Android Tablet


I bought a new Android tablet recently. I bought Garmin Viago some time ago, but I don't see it as a choice for this tablet, but I still have it one my smsartphone. Has Garmin quit adding new devices, since they no longer are selling Garmin Viago new?

Google Account.

I think it is tied to your Google Account. When I recently got a new Android smart phone, I registered with the same gmail logon as my older Android tablet (which has Viago). Viago and other apps that are on the tablet automatically downloaded to the new smart phone.

If you are trying to purchase a new copy of Viago under a different android account, the app is no longer available.

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Garmin Viago And New Android Tablet

And that is what I recalled, too. Maybe Viago isn't compatible with all phones and tablets, because my other apps came over.

It is still available if you purchased it

Just go to Google play and select My apps and then select the all tab and it will be in the list and then select install.

Just did that a couple of months back for my new S6 Edge +

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Garmin Viago And New Android Tablet

Thank you very much! I have a Samsung Galaxy View 18.4" Android tablet and it is interesting looking at it on a screen that big!

What is the best choice for

What is the best choice for smart phones nowadays? I have a big screen phone, but it has limited storage. (Thanks a lot for leaving out the SD card option, Google!) Something that works with online maps would be fine since I am a VZW unlimited data customer. I don't want to carry 2 devices so the Garmin stays at home.