Purchases Garmin Europe and Ireland SD Card


I am getting ready to visit Ireland so I ordered an SD Card with Europe and Ireland for my Garmin Nuvi 260W.

To get my Nuvi ready, I just tried to update my map with my Lifetime Maps subscription, and it said I did not have enough room and that I needed 3 Gig more. So, I installed a blank 32 Gig SD card (that I also just purchased) and restarted the North America Map update using Garmin Express.

Now is giving me a message that it sees the SD card and it will install Full Coverage of North America directly to the SD card. It also is giving me a warning that says:
Critical files are going to be loaded to the memory card, so it must remain in my device at all times. If the card is removed, your device will not work.

So does that mean the Europe and Ireland SD card that I just purchased will not work since I would need to remove the SD Card with Full Coverage of North America installed on it?

Or will the Europe and Ireland SD card work (because that contains the critical files it needs)?

Sincerely, John


The files being referred to are the map files. You can swap cards and all will be fine.

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My question would be, is the data on the card with the Ireland data on it stored with a brogue?

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Take the SD card out and check

I have the same thing. My maps are on the SD Card and I have an Europe Card.
I have not checked mine.
Just take your card out and put the other card in. Put the unit in simulation and set a location for a place you will be when you are over there and see if it will route to anywhere over there.

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