Where do POI files get stored?


Sorry if this question seems simple - new at this. Have a Garmin c340 unit. Saw this site and thought I would venture into new teritory. Downloaded 2 POIs - Seven-Eleven-US.csv and Walmart.csv. PoiLoader said it would install custom POIs into my device. Where did PoiLoader install them and should I want to return them to the default POIs can I do it and where would I get the original files? Also, can I delete individual POIs, if yes how? Finally, could not determine what category to find Seven-Eleven under, ie. Food? Fuel, etc. Could not find it in either Food or Fuel. I did find that I could Spell the name and find it. Finally, did or could loading either of both of these POIs over-write any of my default POIs? Thanks, John

Who knows ;-)

If you mean, where can I find them, look in:

"Where to? > My Locations > Custom POIs"

The 'default' Poi's are embedded in the map data, and are not affected (or overwritten) by any you load with POI Loader. These are the only 'categories' searched by "Food", "Fuel" etc - not the Custom Poi's

If you want to get rid of the ones you have loaded, POI Loader has a "Delete" option.

Have a look HERE for some specific information on the C340.

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