Software Update 4.40


Is out for the 67/68LM and 8.40 for the 26X9 series...............

2639LMT, 67LM (X2) and 65LM

I was using GPS today,

I was using GPS today, trying to find where elevation was, and stumbled across a prompt indicating that it needed a firmware update.
Did the 8.40 firmware update this evening... 2689LMT

P.S. lower right window is where the elevation indicator is.

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Awesome News!

Thank you!


Chief_10Beers wrote:

8.40 for the 26X9 series.

Updated a couple of days ago. You beat me to it.

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)