Garmin Nautix - Garmin's google glass ?


I just noticed this over on the Garmin site

Its like a heads up display for sailors - it displays relevant information on your sunglasses

so you can use your own sun-glasses and clip this to the side of them to get speed info etc

pretty cool , has anyone seen one unreal life ? How did it work ?


Nautix image

An Interesting Idea

I don't have any personal experience with the device. My initial thoughts based on available product images is that the projector and arm block too much of your field of view.

It may be acceptable for sailing but not for biking or any motor sport where impaired field of view would be a safety factor. This is likely the reason Garmin markets the product exclusively for marine use.

An interesting start ..

I thinks an interesting start on the product. As you mentioned, it may impair your field of view too much. Perhaps a moe heads up display approach is required were you can look through the image.