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How to you update Garmin Nuvi maps using a computer operating system Windows 7? I need help and fast.



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In response to your map update question, are you wanting to update the maps that were preinstalled on your nuvi or are you trying to add additional maps? What model nuvi do you have? Did it come with lifetime map updates?

From your profile, it looks like you have a 2797LM. If you are trying to update the map that was preinstalled on this device, the link given by sussamb will have you on your way to the update.

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Map update

From your post in another thread, it appears that you've tried updating the map and it gets 'rejected.' We'll need more info to help you if this is the issue.

You also mention starting a road trip tomorrow. For future map updates (and this one, if you're quite conservative), it's probably not best to do a map update a day or two before needing it for a road trip away from home, your home computer and internet, etc. Although updates almost always succeed, there is the chance of a failed update, more so if your nuvi also needs additional software updates. If a problem does occur rendering the unit nonfunctional, you're leaving little time to troubleshoot and fix the nuvi.

Good luck.

If you're new to Garmin GPS devices, always remember that a GPS with lifetime map updates must update the device's map at least once every two years. If 24 months elapses between map updates, you may lose the ability to obtain updates.

Map download

kttrophy wrote:

How to you update Garmin Nuvi maps using a computer operating system Windows 7? I need help and fast.


As suggested by sussamb update your maps using Garmin Express. If having a problem with that go for the good old standby called Mapupdater at .

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