Contributors Of The Week 2016-01-11


This week we are recognizing, Preroll!

Preroll has been a member for over 5 years.

A few weeks ago he started a thread about getting ready to attend CES and opened it up for POI Factory members to post questions they had for Garmin, and he would attempt to get answered while there.

CES 2016 - Questions For Garmin?

This week he posted about his observations.
We appreciate the time he took to consider and include our community in his trip to CES.

Thanks, Preroll!


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Congratulations Preroll.

Thanks again for your CES report. Enjoy your week in the spotlight.

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Thanks for the CES reports!

Thanks for braving CES and reporting on things Garmin!

My buddies who attended said the reported attendance was 170,000 -- that's a lot of people, even spread out over all the venues.

Thanks again for the great reports and hope your feet have recovered from all the walking.

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Thanks a bunch, Preroll for your efforts on our behalf.


Congrats on the...

...COW award. Enjoy!!!!

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and thanks

Preroll, Thanks from everyone who couldn't go...

I enjoyed keeping up with the CES this year because you were there checking on it for us.
Thanks for thinking of us.
Congratulations! Mary

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Congrulations Preroll . Keep

Congrulations Preroll . Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for your contributions to this awesome site.

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Thanks for the COW. In all honesty, it was a little frustrating getting the vendors to come through with some of the answers (not just Garmin). They either didn't know or did not want to release all the info. In any event, at least I was able to check off a few items. I try and go each year although I may not next year (we'll see - may take a trip to Australia/New Zealand and forget the convention). However, if I do, I'll try and build another list next year for CES 2017.

Thanks again!

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Congrats Preroll!

Congrats Preroll!

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Congratulations & thanks Preroll

I do appreciate & always enjoy reading your CES reporting smile

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Well Done Preroll!

Many thanks for your efforts!


Well-done, Preroll! Thank you for your thorough report!


Congrats Preroll for your contributions! Keep it up.

Congrats Preroll...

Thanks for your contributions to POI Factory

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smile Enjoy your week

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Congratulations, Prerol!

Congratulations, Prerol!

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Congratulations Preroll!


Congratulations!!! Great

Congratulations!!! Great start to the New Year

Good Job!

Keep up the Good Work!


Enjoy your week a COW!

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Thanks for sharing, Preroll, and congrats on your COW. Your efforts are appreciated.

Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture.


Enjoy your week as a COW smile

Great Job Preroll!

You provided an incredible opportunity for members here to gain more insight from Garmin, and perhaps leave some feedback from this community with Garmin. Your offer (and effort) to do that makes for a very well deserved COW recognition.

Congrats Preroll!

Thank you for your contributions and kudos on your COW award! smile



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and thanks for all that you do!


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Congrats Preroll. Thanks for the CES info

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Great choice!

Congrats and enjoy your COW week!

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