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I've read a lot of posts, not necessarily here, but around the web, that TomTom Support is not that good. Well, after reading this, you decide.

Been using the TomTom Pro 7150 for about 2.5 years now. It's been great with it's truck routing. Last year I had a problem with the real time traffic updates. I wasn't receiving any traffic information to my GPS while driving. After a week or so, I called TomTom Support and asked them what was going on. They promptly sent me a new 12V power cord/receiver (free of charge), thinking that the receiver had gone bad. Traffic still didn't work with the new cord; as it turns out, I think if you wait too long to plug your unit into your computer to receive GPS satellite updates, the unit gets confused and traffic won't update. I say this because after plugging the 7150 into my computer and receiving the satellite position updates, the traffic worked again, even with the old cord.

Recently, I've been unable to receive my free map downloads. I again called TomTom support. They suspected that the cradle had worn out, that by removing the unit from the cradle for several years the connections had worn. They promptly mailed me a new cradle, free of charge. I'll know soon enough if this fixes the current problem.

So you decide. How's THAT for product support? grin

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My experience is similar

My experience is similar, although not quite as dramatic.

I did see a decline in the quality of the support several years ago when they moved their call center to Mexico from New York and a new staff was handling calls, but the basic attitude toward the customer seemed to remain good.

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TomTom Support.

Good to know. Got a older model TomTom that my wife bought me so that I wouldn't get lost in odd cities, towns, parking lots, etc. Never thought I needed it. Nowadays, use it just about every day. So far... haven't needed any CS. Hopefully will not.