Full Up To Date Toll Info / EZ Pass / Complete USA


Just upgraded from my Nuvi 660 to the Nuvi 2699. I am planning a long trip from Arizona back east next summer and would like to make sure I know where the toll roads are and if/when I need to use EZ Pass. I haven't bought an EZ Pass yet - can't figure out exactly what state I should buy from.

I know I can tell the Nuvi 2699 to avoid tolls, but sometimes I would like to turn that off and use the EZ Pass.

I guess what I am looking for is a full POI file for tolls and if there is any EZ Pass files I should load before my trip.

One last thing, I will be towing my travel trailer (35ft, 2-axle, 9500lbs), so any RV stuff you could recommend would be great too.

Thanks for any help

none to my knowledge

There isn't a list or POI for all toll roads and plazas I'm aware of. EZ-Pass is used primarily in the NE, Maine to VA and across to Illinois along the Great Lakes. Now there are some other states accepting EZ-Pass, but again, it's primarily in the NE so it depends on where you are traveling.

For EW travel, the Illinois toll roads, Indiana, Ohio, PA and NY are the biggies. Lots of toll bridges, The NJ/Garden State, MA Turnpike and ME along with some in DE for NS travel.

I believe NY, PA, NJ all charge a monthly fee. MD just dropped theirs and VA doesn't have a fee UNLESS you want the HOT Lanes pass.

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You can try this and save 100+ miles

I have traveled the road from AZ to Iowa and back many times and can almost drive it in my sleep. You did not tell us from where in AZ you were starting and your destination so I have 2 routes.
If you are traveling I 40 East then BUY gas in Tucumcari NM at the Pilot or station across the road (they are owned by the same company and stop for bladder emptying) and take Highway 54 north. I usually drive 70 + on this road and I have yet to see the patrol. If a trucker passes you then there is no patrol. I have followed them at 70+. In Texas the Speed limit is 75mph. Once you cross into Oklahoma slow down to the speed limit or several miles above. When you arrive at Guyman OK drive the speed limit until you see a sigh of increase. They have 3 patrol cars monitoring that road every day and will stop you for 5 miles over for how many people will come back to fight the charge. I have a radar detector and it beeps through the city.
Once you reach the Kansas border there is road construction from 2 to a 4 lane road to Wichita so most of the road is about 70mph. If it is close to food time I stop at the Bucklin cafe in Bucklin (run by women basic food) to eat.
At Wichita take I35 tollway North at the other end of town. Take ticket which to me takes less than 30 seconds and drive north.
Drive until you reach Emporia KS and then exit. Why spend extra money on tollway if I 35 is free. Take I 35 to Kansas City. A car cost is $4.25.
This is where the fun begins. If you have made this a route then Garmin will confuse you. Ignore her and follow the signs. Keep left until you get through KS and then go right as you leave. Follow I 35 signs and you will make it.
Your next change in road travel will be DSM I 80 which will lead you to all roads East.

To Tucumcari

If you are traveling I 10 into Phoenix and want to go North then Get on the 202 to Highway 87. Then at Payson turn left at highway 260. Travel this road until Highway 277. Take it until Highway 377 (flat land drive) which will lead you to Highway 77 and I 40. This will lead you to my previous post or you can take I 40 to Oklahoma City and where ever yoy want to go.


Box Car wrote:

I believe NY, PA, NJ all charge a monthly fee. MD just dropped theirs and VA doesn't have a fee UNLESS you want the HOT Lanes pass.

NY does not charge a monthly fee. They do charge a "replenishment" amount based on usage. So let's say your replenishment amount is $50. When you balance gets low they charge your credit card to get your unused balance up to $50.

Also, I notice that MTA bridge and tunnel toll signs say only MTA EZ-Pass holders get the discount (or full discount).