2797 Charging Problems


Using 2797 with GMT 36 Traffic Receiver USB cable that came with the unit. I'm now getting the "use the supplied cable" message though I am using that cable. The unit won't charge. I'm wondering which part is bad (2797 unit, small mount unit with USB connection that plugs into the back of the 2797, or the GMT 36 USB/cigarette lighter cable).

I plugged the GMT 36 USB cable into the cigarette lighter and measured the voltage on the gold pogo pins of the small mount unit. Labeling pogo pin #1 as closest to the USB connector, pin #1 is ground (there are 3-4 other ground pins too), pin #8 is 5+ volts. I'm assuming pin #8 is correct. All other pins are 0 volts which I don't know if that is correct.

Any ideas on how to debug or isolate problem?

By the way, originally the unit worked fine in the car and only had this charging problem on the motorcycle (GMT 36 cable plugs into cigarette lights on the motorcycle). Now the problem occurs in the car too and won't charge the device.


First thought would be a bad cable since it's happening in multiple vehicles. I'd suggest a PHONE CALL to Garmin support and explain your problem Most likely they will send you a new cable, particularly if the 2797 is still under warranty.

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Thanks. I'll give them a call. With a 1 yr warranty, the unit is about 2 weeks out of warranty.


Your probably good if your only a couple of weeks out of warranty. Garmin are pretty good with warranty stuff, especially when it's a cable issue. Just be decent with then on the phone and don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor if you meet resistance.

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Replacement Cable

Yes, Garmin support was very nice. My warranty expired last month but they extended it one more month and are sending me a new cable. Should get it late next week. I'll update then.

Power Cradle?

That's nice to hear that Garmin will replace the cable even after the warranty expired. We hear of many complaints about Garmin (including me), so it's refreshing to hear they get praised when credit is due.

I surely hope the new GMT 36 cable solves your problem.
The other possible cause you mention is "small mount unit".
The proper name for it is a Power Cradle. .
This quite possible may be the cause if the cable doesn't correct the issue. Inspect the gold contact pins on it as well as on the Nuvi, you can clean the contacts with a pencil eraser.

It's also possible that the USB port on the power cradle is bad and not making a good contact on the board inside the cradle.

The good news is if the cradle is bad it's only 19.95 to replace. You should be able to buy one from Garmin at that price, or the GPS Store.

Before purchasing if you need to, please confirm that the power cradle is a part of the package as pictured. I don't see Garmin or anybody else selling a Power Cradle without the suction cup that is why I say to ask before purchase.

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The GPS Store:

Please keep us updated when you receive the cable.

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