Which Campground POI to Use?


I have been using Campgrounds and RV Parks Combined for locating campgrounds and RV parks. This morning I noticed the COMBINED US Campgrounds (CSV) By Rivopom.

Has anyone used both of these.... and which is more complete?

There may be another

1. Campgrounds And RV Parks Combined http://www.poi-factory.com/node/17657 has 12617 locations

2. COMBINED US Campgrounds (CSV) By Rivopom http://www.poi-factory.com/node/28697 has 16050 locations

3. 20,475 NORTH AMERICA CAMPGROUNDS (CSV) By Rivopom http://www.poi-factory.com/node/41987 says it has 19875 locations (which I view as not being updated).

If I am interpreting this correctly, Rivopom provides a (mostly) US and then a (mostly) North America because those in Mexico are only near the border.

The 16050 file has "linefeeds" within the "address" field which will make this show differently on the GPS. The 20475 file just ends each POI entry with a "carriagereturn linefeed"


There is also the KOA poi which is up to date. It really depends on what and how you camp. Put all of them on it doesn't hurt anything and take only a small space smile

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Putting them all in sounds

Putting them all in sounds like a good idea.

Which Campground POI To Use?

Probably will just go ahead and add them all. Between these custom files and the one that comes installed on the RV 760 I should be pretty well covered.


I have been using rivopom's combined POI with good results, but I didn't know about the KOA one. I'll add it to the Garmin as well.

I updated KOA in April 2015

EV Driver wrote:

I have been using rivopom's combined POI with good results, but I didn't know about the KOA one. I'll add it to the Garmin as well.

It should be pretty accurate.

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I have been using a 3 year old KOA POI and I found it to be outdated on my last trip. Thanks for updating the POI. I will update my GPS

I will be updating it again soon.

but not sure exactly when because I have been quite busy.

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Ultimate Campgrounds

This campground list isn't free, but it's probably the most comprehensive:

"Real" Camping

I want one that only has "real" campgrounds. I don't want to know about some manicured KOA with lawns and pools. I don't want to know about some "campground" that is really for giant RV used. I want to know about CAMPGROUNDS!

You know... dirt, tents, small trailers, campfires, picnic tables, flush or vault toilets, squirrels, etc. I want to know how many sites are available and if there is potable water or if I need to bring my own. CAMPING.

If I had my way it would be illegal to call an RV Park a campground.

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