Wonder if she blames the GPS?


Novice German driver unscathed after crash with British tank

BERLIN (AP) — Police in western Germany say a novice driver escaped unharmed but her car was crushed after she inadvertently turned into the path of a convoy of British tanks.

Lippe police spokesman Lars Risserbusch said Tuesday the 18-year-old had apparently not seen the convoy when she made a left turn in front of it. The lead tank was unable to stop in time and the 62-ton main battle tank ploughed over the front of her Toyota hatchback.

The tanks, from a British base in nearby Paderborn, were traveling through a military maneuver area that is also open to public traffic on their way to training exercises Monday morning. Police estimate 12,000 euros' ($13,500) damage to the woman's car.

The tank was unscathed.

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Would Have Made An Interesting Dash Cam Video


The last sentence is so funny.....

"The tank was unscathed."


Would Have Made An Interesting Dash Cam Video


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I always thought a Toyota hatchback could stand up to a little rough treatment they don't make like they used to !!

Can anyone say...

...lawsuit. I can see her or her family trying to sue the government because they should have let her know that they were running tanks down the road.

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and the tanks

We're just running..

What do you think would have happened if they were in a full gallop? razz

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Only $13.5K damage?

Front end crushed? Either damage was not as bad as reported or German repair rate is very good.

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So - did the accident report read

"The car was damaged because the driver was tanked."?




My apologies - the Devil made me do it! smile

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Could the British tanks...

were on the "wrong side" of the road?

Just askin... grin

Um...how do you miss seeing a TANK??????

Color me clueless, but how the heck do you miss seeing a TANK? It's not like they are a SmartCar size item or such. Even if they are camo painted one would likely notice something huge moving toward them and hear the sound of the engines and treads.

As for the damage, in the US the insurance company would call it a total loss and raise the insurance rate.

Perhaps because

TxTDIWagen wrote:

Color me clueless, but how the heck do you miss seeing a TANK?

Perhaps because you are talking on cell phone. At least that seems to be how it works here.

Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me.

This story was actually featured this morning on the NPR game show "Wait wait don't tell me". Too bad the contestant wasn't a POI Factory member. He picked a different story as the true story and didn't win the quiz.

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Tank Crossing

I've had my nuvi tell me to "turn right at the tank crossing". The tank crossing looked pretty rough so I went straight and "recalculated".


$13500 sound about right the cost of the car. (Total loss)

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It is amazing how distracted

It is amazing how distracted drivers can be these days. If she did not see the tanks a 'comin then she would not have seen a pedestrian crossing the street.


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