Comcast/Xfinity just more than doubled my download speed to over 120 MBPS


Got an email today about them doubling my download speed and all I had to do was reboot the modem, router and computer.

Did the speed test before and after and it went from a download speed of just over 59 MBPS to over 120 MBPS. Should really speed things up. I stream wirelessly HD TV programs from my computer, phone and tablet to my Big screen TV using a Chromecast dongle and it worked well before with very few delays but it should be perfect now.

Link to the test results I got after the update:

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BrightHouse raised my speed up to 150 MBPs on my wireless router.
Made a big difference.

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That looks great. I'm a

That looks great. I'm a Chromecast user too. My broadband speed is 20Mbps/2Mbps and I'm still using 802.11g wireless but I have never seen any delay. My speed is good enough to stream 1 device. Your upgraded speed helps a great deal if you have multiple devices streaming (from the internet) simultaneously.

Speed Test Results...

Just did 7 different internet speed tests. The fastest was 87.80, while the slowest was 79.06. I averaged out to 83.66. I'm running Road Runner with a Arris TG 1672 modem/wireless router.


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