Direct access


Looking at some newer models on the internet and found what they call the direct access option. Garmin supports shows this.

Direct Access is a feature designed to offer an improved experience when visiting a destination located inside of another Point of Interest (POI). Whether it is finding a specific airport terminal, or visiting a favorite store at the mall, your nuvi is ready to lead the way.

When searching for a location the device will display a list of relevant locations for the intended destination. For example, locating an Airport may also provide results for specific terminals or auto rental locations.

When navigating to a destination located inside of another POI the device will provide a verbal announcement for both the destination, and the POI it is located within.

Additionally, when navigating to a location with multiple entrances, the device will offer routing to the closest entrance. Upon arrival, the device will also provide a visual indication of the building entrance on the map.

Direct Access is not available for all Points of Interest, but can include locations such as:

Shopping Malls
Shopping Districts
Public Transit Hubs
Arenas or Sports Stadiums
National Monuments
Animal Park/Zoo
College University or Campus
Ski Resorts
Convention Centers

Direct Access is currently only available on the following devices:

nuvi 57/58
nuvi 67/68
nuvi 2509 series
nuvi 2609 series
nuvi 2709 series

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An Interesting Concept

An interesting concept obviously aimed at reducing confusion about clusters of POI’s located within larger structures.

Current CNNT maps often include rough layouts for some of these larger structures, most notably shopping malls. In my experience, POI locations for individual stores within these malls are scattered and many times bear little resemblance to their actual location.

I can see the Direct Access feature being quite helpful as long as the information database is created correctly and properly maintained. This will be no easy task considering the ever changing “footprint” of these larger structures. It isn’t clear who will provide the actual input to this database.

In any case, thanks for the update Charles.


I agree that this could be helpful ... not enough so to make me give up my 3597LMTHD tho smile

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