Keeping The Windmill Alive - Your Last Trip? – April 2015


In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you used it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.).

Anything to keep your windmill alive.

This thread will be closed on the last day of the month and a new one will be opened.


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To the Smithsonian

Heading to several Smithsonian Museums tomorrow with a visitor friend.


Drove to Sobeys

picked up some Sussex Golden gingerale, then on to work

Best burger

mgarledge wrote:

#1 Cheeseburger with a large diet coke... The best...

Of course I have it cut in half and my husband and I share it. We can not finish one by our self....

I am a hamburger person. I go for a hamburger in just about any restaurant I go to... if they offer one ... so I know what a good one is and "Giant Burger in Rhome, Texas is probably my favorite in the area, although Tommy's on Camp Bowie, in Fort Worth is close.

We prefer Kincad's when in Ft Worth. Behind the Hulen mall. grin

Vacation trip

Used it to go to Busch Garden's during kids spring break..

Mike TOMTOM XL335 and VIA 1535


Used my old Nuvi 660 to find a neighborhood birthday party that my son was invited to.

Going to Worcester MA

Later today...

non-native nutmegger


Just back from a trip to Western NY with our hounds,great weather great people.With the latest map update i now get highway pull off alerts and rest stops.



Same here


Second try

Ripped up to Canadian Tire

Ripped up to Canadian Tire Motorsport (Mosport) to see some friends in Chump Car Canada race.

Great day for a ride on the motorcycle, just was a bit of a long stint on the bike without a break.

Field Trip

I took my students on a field trip to an out-of-town manufacturing plant.

San Jose to Monterey

Lovely drive along the coast yesterday. Lots of people out.

Nuvi 3597 LMT

Chasing Waterfalls

Took a trip to DuPont State Forest in western North Carolina to photograph some of the waterfalls.

The Moose Is Loose! nuvi 760


from SEATAC to Surrey BC. Nice ride.

Does it count if I was a

Does it count if I was a passenger and we really had no need for a GPS? How about if we followed the GPS for one turn that we probably should not have taken?


Went to Nashville

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340

Waze ball

Used Waze and a Garmin to get to Dodger Stadium.

Just Returned

from Florida. Nice and warm with a little rain.


I live in paradise also.... can't beat it 8|

"Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks" ~ Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, from Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love"

My Last Trip was...

Baltimore, MD to Dover, DE

RKF (Brookeville, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

Happy Monday

Happy Monday...!

Thanx BiLL Solomon

Trip to

LaSalle Michigan

Arizona To Colorado

Drove from AZ to CO with my trusty GPS

Larry - Nuvi 680, Nuvi 1690, Nuvi 2797LMT

Rained all weekend

Stayed at home

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Oh No !!

Lost my windmill.

Pearl Harboar to Wahiawa, HI

Pearl Harboar to Wahiawa, HI


A short 3 mile hop.

><> Glenn <>< Garmin nüvi 2598


Started by going to Ikea and finished off with Sawgrass Mills down in Fort Lauderdale.

At Sawgrass I had the feeling I was walking around in circles and constantly recalculating mrgreen

Nüvi 255WT with nüMaps Lifetime North America born on 602117815 / Nüvi 3597LMTHD born on 805972514 / I love Friday’s except when I’m on holidays ~ canuk






riveroaks wrote:


Too close to New Orleans. wink

Florida - JAX>Orlando

Flew to JAX and drove to Orlando. Did the Universal thing and got saved by numerous RLC alerts from POI Factory!

Garmin: GPSIII / StreetPilot / StreetPilot Color Map / StreetPilot III / StreetPilot 2610 / GPSMAP 60CSx / Nuvi 770 / Nuvi 765T / Nuvi 3490LMT / Drivesmart 55 / GPSMAP 66st * Pioneer: AVIC-80 / N3 / X950BH / W8600NEX


Returning from Chicago. Visited grandkids.

Bob: My toys: Nüvi 1390T, Droid X2, Nook Color (rooted), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2, a Yo-Yo and a Slinky. Gotta have toys.

top o' the windmill

to ya!


To Costco to check new GPS units. grin

Still just local

Still just local

Just ........

..... around town.


"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Home Bar?

That count?

Wait a minute... who am I here?

Home Depot

for some plants for the backyard.



A drive out to a dinner date.

nüvi 750 & 760

last day

Tomorrow is last day of work,packing on Saturday and then driving to Vancouver Island.Will see how close the GPS maps are to being correct.

DSM to Los Vegas to San Tan Valley and DSM

Went to Las Vegas for a family wedding. Had made a tourguide of historical markers along the route and learned many things about what and what not to do. Then we drove down to San Tan Valley AZ to visit our daughter and then drove home.
When we left it was 55 degrees and west of Denver it was a severe snow storm down to 23 degrees and Vegas it was 79 degrees. San Tan Valley it was in the 80's. We arrived at home to a cool house for we had turned off the furnace and water heater.
Our only disappointment was when we took a detour to visit Pie Town New Mexico for lunch. My wife could not finish her sandwich and my scrambled eggs came out half raw. The cook wore an apron that had not seen a washing machine in many a day.
We had also bought a pie to go (we had bought two pies before from the store across the street which was closed, Pioneer Cafe) which was good, but we had to make a pit stop down the road and when we got home the pie was not worth 1 third the the money we paid for it.


My last trip was an attempt at avoiding a new road closure for the ongoing construction projects that have blocked off all major routes South from my neighborhood.

The GPS reroute told me to turn right at the traffic light. There was a lawn there.
It took a moment for me to remember that there was once a road there, but they eliminated it a few years back. Still on the maps though. Oops.

Getting ready to head to

Getting ready to head to Florida. Visits in Orange Park and Winterhaven. Looks like I'll be bringing rain with me.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267



went to the park

went to park

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340

Try saying this three times {fast}...

Kooskooskie, South of Walla Walla!

Quickie trip

Quick trip up to Sterling, IL to see our daughter, husband and grandkids.

Don't even need the GPS ...

Garmin 205, 260W, 1450LMT, 2460LMT, HEREwego for iPhone ... all still mapping strong.

on the road

Morning all, I am all packed up and heading to Vancouver island from Alberta this morning.We had a two foot snow fall yesterday.Will be interesting to say the least.


Drove from Maryland (DC area) to Delaware and back in one day!

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