3490lmt Touchscreen stopped working and now works again


Recently, I charged my Nuvi 3490lmt with an android tablet charger for a couple of hours. After unplugging my 3490lmt, the battery was fully charged but the touchscreen was unresponsive.

Everything was working fine accept the touchscreen. For example, I could use "voice command" to navigate, etc.

Then all of a sudden after about a week, the unit is working perfectly, go figure.

Has this happened to anyone else? From my understanding, all micro usb chargers should be interchangeable. Do you think the android charger was to blame for the unresponsive touchscreen?


Reset the 3490

Rebooting a computer fixes a surprising number of defects. The same with a nuvi. To turn the 3490 off, hold the power key down for at least 4 seconds. If this does work, you should be able to turn it on. The point is that it is turned off - not in sleep mode.

If turning off the nuvi does not work, reset it by holding down the power key for at least 10 seconds. Source - 3490 manual.

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I believe that the Android charger would work exactly like the Garmin USB cable that is used to connect to the computer. The charger should put the nuvi into PC Mode, not operating mode.

After being disconnected, the nuvi should boot up into operating mode. It probably did, but since the screen was frozen you could not see that.

I do not think the Android charger caused the screen to freeze. See what happens next time. If it happens again, be ready to reset the nuvi.

Always use the simplest remedy first - reboot. If that doesn't work, do the reset with the power key. If neither of these work on a continuing problem, there is also the hard reset. Look at the POI Factory FAQs. Before doing this make a complete backup of the nuvi including Saved Places. In fact, do a backup now while the nuvi is running good.

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Samsung charger

I use the charger from my Samsung Note 8.0 tablet on my 3597LMTHD nuvi all the time. With this charger, the nuvi boots up in normal operation (navigation mode). It charges and operates fine with this Android charger and has never caused any problems with the nuvi.

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Well, maybe it was just a

Well, maybe it was just a coincidence that the touchscreen just happened to go out when I just happened to use a different charger. I think I'll just stick to the micro usb charger that came with the unit just to be safe. At least I know how to take my gps completely apart and put it back to together now smile